Specialist Detox Clinic

*The 10 Most important things known about addiction:

  1. Addiction is fundamentally about compulsive behaviour;
  2. Compulsive drug seeking is initiated outside of consciousness;
  3. Addiction is about 50% heritable and complexity abounds;
  4. Most people with addictions who present for help have other psychiatric problems as well;
  5. Addiction is a chronic relapsing disorder in the majority of people who present for help;
  6. Different psychotherapies appear to produce similar treatment outcomes;
  7. ‘Come back when you’re motivated’ is no longer an acceptable therapeutic response;
  8. The more individualized and broad-based the treatment a person with addiction receives, the better the outcome;
  9. Epiphanies are hard to manufacture; and
  10. Change takes time.

*extracted from Doug Sellman (2009) The 10 Most important things known about addictionAddiction , 105 , 6–13.