Specialist Detox Clinic

*Ten things to know about addiction:

  1. Drug use is chosen behaviour.
  2. Drug problems emerge gradually.
  3. Once well established, drug problems tend to become self-perpetuating.
  4. Motivation is central to prevention and intervention.
  5. Drug use responds to reinforcement.
  6. Drug problems do not occur in isolation, but as part of behavior clusters.
  7. There are identifiable and modifiable risk and protective factors for problem drug use.
  8. Drug Problems occur within a family context.
  9. Drug problems are affected by a larger social context.
  10. Relationship matters

*extracted from Rethinking Substance Abuse: What the Science Shows, and What We Should Do About it (2006):  William R. Miller and Kathleen M. Carroll.  The Guilford Press, New York.